We use 100% Certified Organic and Australian made products

  • Quick Fix Facial


    Cleanse – Exfoliation Mask – Moisture Tone Spray – Eye Treat. Brightening C Serum or Corrective Serum and Balancing Moisture.

  • Zone Out Facial


    Double Cleanse. Exfoliation Mask. Face lift Cupping using Organic Rosehip Oil including neck and decolletage. Neck and Shoulder Massage. Moisture Tone Spray. Eye Treat. Brightening C Serum or Corrective Serum and Balancing Moisture.

  • Facial and Massage Package


    60min Full Body Massage and 30min Facial


  • Express Mani


    Soak, Cuticle Treat. Clean, Shape, Buff and Polish.

  • Express Pedi


    Hot Towel Wrap. Cuticle Treat. Clean, Shape, Buff and Polish.

  • Delux Pedi


    Foot Spa Soak. Remove Dead Skin. Foot Exfoliation & Massage. Cuticle Treat – Clean. File. Buff and Polish

Wax It

  • Her Wax It


    Lip or Chin……………..$10

    Lip and Chin……………$18


    1/2 Leg U/L…………….$30

    Full Leg…………………$50



  • His Wax It

    1/2 Leg U/L ……….$40
    Full Leg……………$60
    Chest or Back……..$50
    Back & Shoulders…$65


  • Touch Relaxation

    60min...$95 90min...$125

    Let the light and gentle rhythmic flow of our healing hands relax and nurture your body and mind.

  • Aroma Touch

    60min...$100 90min...$130

    Heighten your senses with our luxurious essential aroma blends to balance your mind and soul while relieving stress, improving circulation, refreshing your focus and soothing muscle tension.

  • Remedial/Deep Tissue Touch

    60min...$100 90min...$130

    Enjoy a firm sports/deep tissue massage by our highly qualified therapists who focus on your needs to reduce tightness, tension and soreness; it works by stimulating the nervous, circulatory, hormone, and muscular systems. This is an incredibly relieving and result-orientated treatment where you monitor the pressure.

  • Lymphatic Touch

    60min...$100 90min...$130

    A powerful spring clean and naturally detoxing full body technique. Our trained hands brushes along the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and excess fluids to promotes the body’s own natural healing process…please be aware that this is not a muscle and back massage as it is done on the front of the body by applying pressure on the lymph nodes and by lightly stretching the skin, directing fluids towards them. As with any massage, it’s recommended to drink plenty of water afterwards to wash away the impurities. Feel lighter, happier, and more energetic!

  • Foot Reflex Touch

    60min...$95 90min...$125

    Our qualified therapist will see your whole body on the souls of your feet. By focusing on specific reflex points, you are being massaged from the inside as well! After a receiving a luscious hot foot wrap, gorgeous lotions and oils are applied with our thumbs and fingers to put you in a deep, serene state. “It is as if you’re walking on a cloud!”

  • A Touch of Yummy Mummy To Be

    60min...$100 90min...$130

    For the most exciting and fulfilling time in a woman’s life.
    Our specialized gentle pregnancy massage can help mum’s body
    make the most of the nine month journey of great expectations.

  • Shiatsu Touch

    60min...$120 90min...$160

    Indulge in the ancient Japanese art of Shiatsu. Our specialized oriental therapists can reduce your body’s stress response, ease aches, relieve pains and chronic tension by applying finger pressure on specific energy centres along your body. This treatment can be enjoyed as an alternative to conventional massages as it works by providing a totally unique sensation.

  • Hot Stones Touching


    Invigorate your senses by absorbing the energy and warmth from the hot stones and the therapists hands for a unique healing experience. A full body, light pressure treatment to nourish the blood vessels and sedate the nervous system.  Get ready to go into a deep relaxation and come out feeling better than ever!



    We will take to the Hawaii islands with your traditional Lomilomi.  Performed with light to medium pressure using the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, and elbows. Get carried away by the nurturing waves of your body from head to toe. Take an opportunity to rediscover your yourself with this ultimate emotional and physical journey. A bucket list experience.

  • Touch Body Bliss


    The ultimate escape! Let our caring, healing hands touch your senses into oblivion with this extended combination treatment.  Don’t worry, the outside world will still be here when you come back.



    Why not top up your decadently indulgent massage with a bit of cupping? Have an especially relaxing and safe treatment applied by heated cups to gently pull on the muscles on those tight areas on your back… mmmmhh! Used by top performing Olympic athletes including Michael Phelps and American swimmer Natalie Coughlin. Some of the noticeable benefits include: lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, tension relief and improved circulation.

Corporate Massages

  • Standard Corporate Massage


    Why just relax when you can indulge? Have our professionally trained therapists work on those tight areas from prolonged sitting by the screen. Proven to increase productivity, morale, and the overall vibe of the workplace!

  • Special events


    We take our portable massage chairs and tables to your conference, event or exhibition. It adds a nice ‘touch’ to showcase your company’s services.

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