It’s hard to think of the term “massage” without directly conjuring up images of a room painted in soft neutral colours. The subtle yet pleasing artwork made up of various seashells, smooth stones, and bamboo that line the room walls promotes a state of calm. This ensures the client feels comfortable, safe, and secure.

And that is exactly what Touch Therapy offers with our treatment menu: a state of deep relaxation, serenity, and safety. In other words, massage is all about you. And, we can help you achieve other numerous health benefits. That’s right, that quick trip down to the nearest spa can do wonders for your overall well-being

If you’ve been looking for a good enough reason to treat yourself with a massage day, here are a few to help move along your decision. 

Reduce Anxiety Levels 

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to hear about someone struggling with anxiety. Why? Technology and the digital age. 

Our phones allow us to stay on top of current trends, events, news, and even constant emails from our employers. That constant ring from your phone whenever you get a notification doesn’t make things easier. And while there are medical ways to treat anxiety, alternative methods such as massage have been effective. 

How so? Well, the pressure applied from the touch of a massage session helps slow down the nervous system. 

According to the chief of psychiatric services at Emory Healthcare, Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD, massage slows down the sympathetic nervous system. In turn, it helps increase the response of the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is what’s linked to increased anxiety.

Improve Sleep Quality 

Stress has been linked to poor quality sleep. And when stress and insomnia come together, they make way for a host of other health issues such as diabetes and obesity. Ultimately, insomnia is not a small issue since it can affect your cognitive and cardiovascular health as well. 

Enter massage therapy: a non-invasive procedure that can help relax your muscles and release tension. The pressure of a massage on the skin can also help slow the activity in your nervous system. 

Heal Injuries and Reduce Pain

Back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and the occasional cramp here and there. Back pain and neck pain come from sitting down or hunching down for long periods. Joint pain, on the other hand, may come from physical activities such as sports or exercise.

Physical pain and injuries are inevitable but not something we have to live with. According to Harvard Health Publishing, massage can help stimulate certain nerve fibres. These nerve fibres, once stimulated, can help prevent pain messages from transmitting to and from the brain. 

Guess it’s no surprise this type of therapy also helps reduce the muscle stiffness linked to arthritis. Other than reducing pain messages from being transmitted, massage boosts blood circulation to inflamed joints. 

Boosts Mental Focus

If you’ve been having trouble concentrating at work, then massage therapy might be what the doctor ordered. 

As previously mentioned, this type of therapy helps increase blood flow in the body. Other than alleviating pain, your brain will end up receiving more oxygen. In turn, this will help boost your mental focus. Of course, massage therapy also reduces depression, stress, and anxiety and increases mental focus. 

Improved Mood 

Exercise has been linked to an increased release of endorphins in the body. But not just exercise can do this, as recent research suggest that massage can help do the same thing. Endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine have a direct influence on a person’s overall mood. 

That is, they make you feel happier.  

Strengthens the Immune System 

If you’ve been getting sick a lot lately, then you have a weak immune system. Individuals with weaker immune systems are highly susceptible to diseases, including common colds and flu. A simple massage can help strengthen it, as well as eating healthy and staying active.

But let’s take a look at how massage therapy can boost a person’s immune system. According to Dr Rapaport, Th1 and Th2 are types of immune system responses. When they are unbalanced or more than the other in amount, the body has an autoimmune response. 

An autoimmune response can open a flood gate of conditions and health problems such as arthritis and Coeliac disease. Massage can help balance out Th1 and Th2, keep stress hormones at bay, and keep the immune system strong. 

stones that read "mind," "body," and "soul" | massage Touch Therapy

Alleviates Fatigue 

Whether it’s work, mum duties, or lack of sleep tiring you out, fatigue can take a toll on our immunity. Fatigue can also take a toll on our productivity and overall mood. And at this point, you’ve probably tried everything to get rid of it.

Well, why not give massage therapy a try? Having a massage done, even if it’s once every week or so, can help alleviate fatigue. Research backs this up. 

Relieves Headaches

Tension headaches, be it chronic or mild, we hate them. They can slow down our productivity at work and sour our mood in an instant. But unfortunately, due to how common tension headaches are, people, tend to use painkillers more than they should. 

Overusing painkillers can cause other health issues, and it’s best to cut back. But what causes tension headaches? You guessed it: stress causes the muscles in the neck, jaw, scalp, and face to tighten. 

Our professional massage can help loosen these muscles and alleviate the tension.

If you’re sold on the numerous benefits of massage therapy, then perhaps it’s time to give us a call. Located at Oaks Gold Coast Hotel in Australia, Touch Therapy is fully equipped with experienced and qualified massage therapists. We offer high-quality massage skills in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and always complement our sessions with Solfeggio Frequencies for increased relaxation. 

If you’re interested, please contact us for the best open massage. Be sure to look at the myriad of services we offer to see which one suits your needs best. We’re open 7 days of the week so we’re available whenever you need us.