Beautiful young woman receiving touch therapy in a facility

We live in a world largely controlled by technology, making it increasingly impossible to stay in touch with our inner selves. 

It also is hard to maintain the intuitive abilities that make us desensitized to nature’s calming sensations, beautiful surroundings, and therapeutic visual and auditory elements.

That’s where touch therapy comes in to help you connect your body, mind, and spirit in an ancient Ayurvedic self-massage experience.

Touch therapy allows you to be more conscious of your inner self and this deep connection culminates into something even more profound: a sense of oneness with your body and soul. 

When deeply tapped into, your mind and body can respond in powerful ways, which is the ultimate essence of touch therapy.

Understanding Therapeutic Touch

Touch therapy is an ancient healing technique that was modernized by late natural healer Dora Kunz and New York University School of Nursing professor Dolores Krieger in the early ’70s. Professor Krieger and Dr Kunz taught nursing students and professional nurses different techniques for administering touch therapy.

Today, touch therapy is taught in most medical facilities across the United States and practiced widely as an alternative natural healing technique.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and more and more people are turning to complementary health and healing methods, of which touch therapy is among the most popular.  

In simple terms, touch therapy is the practice of gently massaging and feeling the body’s energy from the top and bottom of the skin. It involves making circular motions to feel the body’s muscles, skin, bones, and tendons to restore the connection between the body and the mind. 

How Touch Therapy Works

Touch therapy is based on the human belief that the human body is an energy source. Many energy fields inside the human body directly connect with the universe. If an energy field develops some imbalances, the result is disorders and attacks of various illnesses. 

Examples of physical pains resulting from such imbalances are:

  • Back pain
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Acute hypertension
  • Strained nerves 
  • Factures

With touch therapy, you could communicate with your mind, ask questions about specific body aches you feel, and listen to your body’s response. 

If the pain is obvious, it can be soothed with gentle touch until you find relief. But you don’t stop once you start to feel relief. Instead, you create a sense of harmony with your energy fields by touching every part of your body even after the pain has ceased. 

What Are The Benefits And Uses of Touch Therapy?

Touch therapy brings immense benefits to mind, body, and soul. Some of these benefits include:

Reduces or Eliminates Cravings

If you have struggled with overeating, lack appetite, or cannot control your addiction to certain foods, touch therapy can help you overcome these problems so you can lead a healthier life. Most people who struggle with weight loss turn to touch therapy to control their eating habits. 

Overcomes Depression

Mental and physical relaxation are the core objectives of touch therapy. Having professional touch therapy sessions can help you connect with yourself and impress your emotional and physical health.

Smiling young woman overcomes depression through touch therapy with mountain background
Overcoming depression

Activates A Deep Response To Relaxation 

When faced with panic or anxiety, your body develops a fight-or-flight response. Touch therapy also triggers a similar reaction, bringing relaxation to your nerves and tendons. 

When your muscle organs are relaxed, it releases accumulated stress and any unhealthy energy which may be causing you stress and anxiety and may be the significant catalysts for future health problems.

Creates A Balance In Your Energy Fields

Humans are, by nature, magnetic beings. Perhaps you’ve wanted to open your third eye, connect deeply to your soul and improve your intuition. You can only achieve this when there’s a sense of connectedness between you and the universe. It all starts with creating a valve in your energy fields with responsive touch therapy. 

Offers Relief From Pain 

Touch therapy can be immensely beneficial to patients with painful chronic or terminal illnesses. The procedure helps relieve the recurrent pain, allowing patients to relax, let go, stop fighting the pain and find relief. 

Promotes Deep Healing

You may develop energy blockages that hinder your body from functioning normally or connecting with your mind and soul. When these blocked energy fields are left unchecked or untreated, multiple physical health issues may manifest into something more serious. 

Touch therapy helps mitigate such a scenario, unblocking all the energy fields before they manifest into severe health complications. This means that any possible health conditions that have developed undetected or not addressed after a diagnosis in its early stages may be intercepted by touch therapy.

Heals Your Emotions

Maybe you’re dealing with an emotional trauma that’s causing you uncomfortable turmoil. One good clue is unexplained sadness, gloominess, and sadness. 

Perhaps you yearn for complete emotional healing and wholesome health but don’t know how. 

With touch therapy, you can unlock your subconscious mind and set it free from self-doubt, negativity, and pent-up bitterness. With time, the outcome is a healthier, happier you, and that’s yet another proof of the healing power of touch therapy.

Improved Quality Sleep 

If you’ve battled insomnia and other sleep disorders, a touch therapy session before bedtime is what you need to achieve that comfortable, peaceful sleep. It improves the quality of your sleep life, but it also leaves you feeling refreshed and vitalized to face each day with renewed energy. 

How Touch Therapy Helps You Connect With Yourself

When you adopt the natural healing technique of touch therapy, you will develop a natural habit of reconnecting with yourself and your surroundings. This will improve your awareness and consciousness. 

Your view of life and health will expand, and you’ll notice new things you haven’t discovered before. For example, you’ll notice how vibrant and beautiful your surroundings are, the different noises and the general sights and sounds will be more appealing. 

You’ll appreciate the benefit of touch and how it connects with your other self. Touch therapy is a naturally relaxing experience that offers hidden health benefits waiting for you to discover. 

Start Your New Journey To Self Awakening

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